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The Executive Director is delegated by the Governing Board to run and manage the NED Foundation office and oversee the implementation of all its programs. The Executive Director (ED) is the main decision making body for the day to day running of NED Foundation. Regular meetings are held to review progress and issues of concern. A staff meeting is held every two weeks for information sharing where all issues relating to finance, admin and program is discussed. Furthermore, the ED sits with the program and finance team once an month to review compliance to policies and progress of the different programs.

Executive Members
NED Chairman
MD. Rezaul Karim "Sadhin”
NED Vice Chairman
Vice - Chairperson
NED Secretary General
Secretary General
NED Joint Secretary General
Joint Secretary General
NED Finance Secretary
MD.Sahajul Haque
Finance  Secretary
NED Organize Secretary
MD.Azgar Ali
Organize Secretary
NED Office Secretary
Office secretary
Governing Body Governing Body
NED is registered with the Joint Stock Company & Firms .thirty three members committee constitutes the General Board (GB) of NEDF. The GB provides oversight and strategic directions to NEDF. An Executive Committee comprising of seven members from the GB assists the Executive Director on procedural matters such as HR policies, financial and fund disbursement. The governance of NEDF is based on its Constitutional Documents and Higher Level Policies. The day to day implementation is guided by the Operations Manual which provides detailed guidelines and policies on HR, fund disbursement, finance and procurement. The ED is responsible for compliance to all policies and procedures as outlined in the constitutional documents, higher level policies and the operations manual. The General Board meets every three  months and the Executive Committee meets on as and when required basis. All policy and strategic decisions are taken at these meetings.
NED - Organogram
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