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Community Micro Finance Program:

We know very well that Poverty is undoubtedly one of the main reasons for socio-economic backwardness of our country. About 78 percent of the people are poor. Among these, almost 35 percent are under poverty line. Millions and millions of Taka were spent during last 36 years for alleviation of poverty through undertaking various development programs and activities.. As a result, although the magnitude of poverty is reduced to some extent among the poverty stricken people but at the same time about 1.50 to 2.00 % new people are entering under absolute poverty line every year in the world. To protect the influx of new group of people under absolute poverty line, no material steps are however been taken by any agency until now. NED Foundation believes that it is also absolutely necessary to undertake special development programs for these group of people who are about to enter into the grip of poverty. It believes therefore “Prevention to Poverty” should be the goal rather than “Eradication of Poverty” in all development efforts to see a self-independent self-reliant society. So NED Foundation provides financial help to the landless and the asset less people. To empower the poor people by making them capable, self-sufficient through proper use of resources to reduce poverty. Presently micro credit borrowers near about 32 villages and 800 persons in three Upozila of two districts.

Micro Finance Program

HIV- AIDS & Health Awareness :

In the present World AIDS has become a serious  life-killing disease. Now it has taken a form a massacre in the world. Our country is not an exception. Although the rate of AIDS patient is less in our country, any time if will taken the form of massacre in our country also. A statistical report says that approximately 31.27  percent (3.8 corer) may be the victim of AIDS massacre.

HIV Awareness

Self-employment and Human Resource Development Program :

Bangladesh is a tightly populated country. Most of majority of its people are poor, uneducated, unskilled and semi-skilled. So It is not possible to see Bangladesh as a developed nation until and unless these people are utilized as a productive workforce. For making them suitable as an economic work force, it is necessary to launch a Nationwide human resource development program for providing them education, training and logistic support, we know technology is driving the word so that they can find themselves self-employment opportunities in the society. They strategy of NED  Foundation is; (a) separate group formation of different class of people in the society depending on their existing level of education, skill and aptitudes; (b) organize regular training program; (c) formation of capital of their own through collection of small savings on regular basis; (d) provide opportunities and lunched program self-employment in their own initiative.


There are mainly two types of implementing the proposed interventions like near the beginning Childhood development education and innovative intervention for the students of grades i, ii, iii, iv and v of formal primary school. We will implement education in Government primary schools and Registered Non-Government primary schools. The second primary Education Development program aims at improving education of the deprived and access to schooling for disadvantaged children and for funding early childhood programs. It aims at improving the quality of teaching and learning, promoting and implementing community education project, health education and thus promoting social development.


The  poor families children they can’t make study everyday after coming house from the  school due to parent’s uneducated. They can’t to memorize if come school like other’s student  that’s why they wouldn’t like to go to school and they have laggings of all even today tomorrow automatically will drop-out from the school our main intension is to assistance to teach of them and reduce drop-out and increase literacy rate.

Teaching Dropout Student


Education is the back bone of a nation. NED Foundation emphasizes on this proverb and is determined to develop the standard of education and for this, runs the Donation for Meritorious Student Program. At the time of running the DNSP project, NED Foundation gives reception and crest to the meritorious student. Aim of the project To inspire the students to receive fruitful and proper education through providing help and awareness.

Meritorious Reception

Self blood giving activities

Introduction: NED Foundation is not for from self-blood giving activities. From the very beginning of its
Blood Donating Activities establishment NED Foundation has been playing role to launch self-blood giving program. The help receivers under this project are orphan, helpless, widow pregnant or mother giving birth to child and members of group of NED Foundation. It is aim to save poor and the poorest people by giving blood to them who are unable to collect or buy blood and to co-ordinate between the giver and receiver and to make them aware of it.




Tree plantation program :

Tree is for life. The existence of the earth will be destroyed if there is no tree on it. Life of all species will also be destroyed if there is no tree, So the importance of tree plantation is necessary to save the environment. Tree gives up oxygen and inhales carbon-di-oxide on the other hand man inhales oxygen and gives up carbon-di-oxide. Thus the existence of the earth sustains. NED Foundation has taken some steps to plant trees by the members.

NED Scholarship Program :

To provide  directly financial help to talented students among the deprived and poorest students. Specialy will get big advantage blood relation less and disable students.It is impartial religion program from Class Six to ClassTen.All student is geting cash every quaterly in a year.Aim of the project To encourage the  proper education through providing finacial help.


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